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Parish Paths

Parish Paths

The Northamptonshire County Council (N.C.C.) as the Highway Authority is committed to ensuring that the County’s 2,175 miles of by-ways, bridleways and footpaths are all well maintained that the surfaces, gates, stiles, bridges, steps are in good order and safe for public use. They are also responsible for the waymarking of all the footpaths. N.C.C. are assisted by volunteer Parish Path Wardens who regularly walk the paths and act as the "eyes and ears" reporting any problems with the paths.

Within our Parish in additional to the footways alongside our roads, we have 14 footpaths and 3 bridleways amounting to approximately 10 miles which provide ways to walk and ride not only from one part of the village to another but connecting us to the neighbouring villages of Brafield, Great Houghton, Hackleton and Billing.

Every year the Parish Council in order to meet our Statutory requirements with the Rights of Way department at N.C.C. arrange for the walking of all our footpaths. These walks are happy and social occasions and a warm welcome is extended to all Parishioners, young and old to join us and enjoy the beautiful countryside around our village. Of course our four legged friends are most welcome too! Watch the village notice boards for further details. All the footpaths in our Parish are identified by a designated number preceded by the letters KV/KU or KN. Fortunately our local farmers are very conscientious in their care of our footpaths so that they are generally all accessible and well maintained as are the stiles and gates. It is therefore important that we also help by respecting the working life of the countryside as our actions can affect people’s livelihoods, our heritage and the safety and welfare of animals and ourselves.

Little Houghton Parish Footpath Warden

Julia Harrison

Telephone: 01604 899140




Your Parish Path Warden would be grateful if you would assist them by reporting any problems to them.

Please also help us to keep the paths in good order by picking up any litter, removing dog faeces and being considerate about where you park before embarking on your walk. Thank you!

Village footpath maps produced by the Parish Council are available and anyone who would like copies, please do not hesitate to contact Alex Zielinski.

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